HEYMconsult A/S is a Danish engineering and trade company oriented to the Polish market. Since 1st February 1991, the company has been a regular trade partner with many international companies in the field of environmental protection.

Maciej R. Heymowski, the founder of the company, is a graduate of the Technical University of Szczecin and Danish Technical University (DTU) in Lyngby (Copenhagen). Since 1986 he has lived in Denmark. The knowledge gathered during his studies with the faculty of environmental protection engineering, in both countries, let him choose the proper development path for this company.

HEYMconsult A/S began its actvity from representing in Poland, Danish manufacturers of environmental protection appliances such as HV-TURBO A/S blowers (since 1993), LJM A/S mixers (since 1992) and LANDIA A/S mixers (since 1997).

Over 100 plants are today working with equipment from HEYMconsult A/S.

HEYMconsult A/S for several years was responsible for the Scandinavian office of Polish holding IZOMAR Ltd. servicing the power engineering market. The cooperation had led to many projects together with FLS miljø A/S, Rockwool A/S, Skamol A/S and other Danish companies.

Because so many plants in Poland are equipped with appliances delivered by HEYMconsult, there appeared a need to establish a Polish service company. At the beginning of 1998 there came into existence an independent service branch HEYMservice Ltd. localized in Bydgoszcz.

In the rhythm of the development of monitoring on the plants and modern, compact design solutions, in 2016 was established a new company, electronic service oriented HEYMtechnology Sp. o.o.

For better coordination of all activities, in the same year in Denmark we have established HEYM Holding ApS.

In 2000, the HV-TURBO A/S has been taken over by the German Capital Group AG KK&K. A few years later HEYMconsult A/S became a representative in Poland of other German factories belonging to this group.

From now on program of services and supplies offered in Poland by HEYMconsult A/S increased by a powerful blower and steam turbines from AG KK & K, used in mining and Power Plants fans from TLT-Turbo GmbH and blowers for process gases from the PGW-Turbo GmbH.

In November 2006, the whole group AG KK&K with all the factories were taken over by the company SIEMENS. And so from 2006 to the end of 2014, HEYMconsult A/S was the official representative of SIEMENS in Poland and since 2006 could wear name “Siemens Approved Partner”.

In 2014, our supplier of fans, TLT-Turbo GmbH joined Power Construction Corporation of China. At the same time HEYMconsult A/S started to represent in Poland turbo compressors from Next Turbo Technologies S.p.A.

As a representative of these two worlds leading manufactures, HEYMconsult A/S could not prolong its contract with SIEMENS in 2015.